A second Atlanta, Georgia area high school was defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti during the High Holy Days.

Parents and students were notified about the vandalism at Lassiter High School in suburban Cobb County on the eve of Yom Kippur, 11alive reported.

The anti-Semitic images and statements were found inside two of the high school’s bathrooms, according to a letter the school sent to parents.

The event followed a similar hateful vandalism incident that occurred during the High Holy Days at Pope High School in Cobb County.

In that case, swastikas and the phrase “Heil Hitler” were found scrawled on a bathroom wall.

That incident, reportedly part of a trend where students vandalize and steal school property and post photos on social media platform TikTok, is being investigated by the school board, with the principal of Pope High School ordering a full investigation.

Rabbi Chaim Neiditch, executive director of the Jewish Student Union, which is active at Lassiter High, told 11alive that when he first heard about the second incident, he initially thought they were still referring to the original graffiti at Pope High School.

“The next thing I know it’s about Lassiter, and I thought how is this possible this happens two times within a week of each other, the same exact thing,” Rabbi Neiditch said.

He aded that the school was appropriately handling the situation.

"They’re on top of this... They’re very swiftly acting without any pressure from the outside to move ahead to make sure all the students feel safe," he said.

Anti-Defamation League Southeast in a statement called the incidents “unacceptable.”

“As hate crimes surge in Georgia and across the country, it’s unacceptable that Cobb County Schools is failing to address or even name anti-Semitic incidents occurring in their own schools, and refusing to engage with ADL to respond effectively,” they wrote.