Border Police stand guard outside Yitzhar
Border Police stand guard outside Yitzhar Sraya Diamant/Flash90

Border Police enforcing a "closed military zone" order against the Samaria neighborhood of Kumi Ori forbade residents from bringing materials needed to build their sukkah (a temporary shelter constructed for the Festival of Tabernacles) onto the hill on which they live.

Smaller leafy branches used for roofing of the sukkah (known in Hebrew as "schach") were allowed to be brought in.

The neighborhood has been under this order for more than two full years. Several religious activities, including the traditional reading of Lamentations on Tisha B'av (the Ninth of Av) and the recital of daily prayers, are forbidden to all, save a small group recognized as living on the hill.

"How can it be forbidden to build a sukkah?" asks one resident. "We are Jews, living in a Jewish state. I bet these police officers have sukkahs in their homes. How can it be that we cannot build a sukkah in our own homeland?"

A video circulated of the interaction shows the officers enforcing the order saying, "That's the order from the brigade commander. No one here is going to answer your questions about it."