Driving in the rain
Driving in the rain iStock

The coming winter may be wetter than last year's, veteran forecaster Uri Batz told Maariv.

According to Batz's model, some areas of Israel will receive above-average quantities of precipitation this year. In addition, probably due to climate change, some of the rainfall may be very heavy.

Batz is a senior meteorologist who for many years has prepared a model of how much precipitation was expected each winter.

"We see the influence of climate change in the flooding in various areas of the globe," he told Maariv. "We see more occurrences of extreme weather, even in areas of the globe where no one thought it could happen. Authorities need to be prepared for any scenario of concentrated and strong barrages of rain, which may cause flooding."

However, Batz estimated that during October and November, rainfall will be less than average for those months. At the same time, it could be that the precipitation may be concentrated in shorter systems, during which large amounts of rain will fall.

Unlike Batz's model, the American model recently predicted a winter with less precipitation than usual in a large number of areas. Responding to this, Batz said that models can change, but it's better to be prepared for a scenario in which there are strong and forceful rainstorms.

Meanwhile, Israel Police has already begun preparing for the winter together with emergency services and local authorities.

"We are preparing for a scenario in which the Ayalon highway and central roads will be closed due to flooding," a police officer in Gush Dan told Maariv. "How fast we respond is very important."