In Modi'in Illit, a boys' elementary school went up in flames
In Modi'in Illit, a boys' elementary school went up in flamesIsrael Fire and Rescue Services spokesperson - Judea and Samaria District

A fire broke out Tuesday morning in a boys' elementary school in Modi'in Illit.

Firefighters and volunteers from the Binyamin Regional Fire Station evacuated the students from the four-story building as the fire spread through the electricity closets to the second and third floor, and then to the ceiling.

Fireman officer Shlomo Mizrachi, who was shift commander, said: "Three students who were in the third-story window could not get out due to the smoke and fire on that story, and firefighters worked to evacuate them. At the same time, additional staffs worked to extinguish the fire and release the smoke."

A Fire and Rescue Services fire investigator arriving at the scene found unsafe construction and a failure to meet fire safety standards. The institution will be closed for a period of thirty days.

Deputy fireman officer Ido Peretz, who serves as commander of the Binyamin Region fire station, said: "The building was constructed in an unsafe fashion. The electrical systems do not meet the required standards, and we even found a wood-covered classroom."

"The incident did end without injuries, but after we discovered all of the defects, we understand that we were just a step away from an incident which would have left many people injured. I am working now with the police chiefs of the Judea and Samaria district and the city engineer to close the institution for a period of 30 days, to allow the problems to be fixed."