Illegal immigrant children in Tel Aviv (archive image)
Illegal immigrant children in Tel Aviv (archive image)Israel News Photo: Flash90

The children of illegal immigrants living in southern Tel Aviv will now be granted access to schools across the city, following a successful petition spearheaded by the University of Haifa’s Clinic for Law and Educational Policy.

Under the new arrangement, some 200 children of infiltrators illegally residing in Tel Aviv will now be able to attend schools beyond the mostly low-income south Tel Aviv neighborhoods where they live.

The agreement, which was endorsed by the court following the hearing held last week, which now allows the children — first through third graders — to study in the center and northern parts of Tel Aviv.

The change is limited to the roughly 200 children included in the petition, however, with thousands of other illegal immigrant children unaffected by the decision.

The Ministry of Education has said it is not prepared to pay for transportation in cases where illegal immigrant parents that choose to send their children to a school that is located far from their home but will make a final decision next month. Meanwhile, the municipality declined to support that initiative.

Petitioners will now receive a list of schools where the children can be sent to and the municipality will decide which children were granted placement by October 20th. The municipality said it will consider all requests to move the children to other parts of the city, but space is limited.

For now, the city’s stance is that fourth and sixth-grade students should not be transferred but said it will be willing to entertain special requests for individuals with complicated cases.