Eitan Biran
Eitan BiranCourtesy of the family

Etty Peleg, grandmother of Eitan Biran, the lone survivor of a cable car crash in Italy, spoke with 103 FM Radio about Eitan's condition following his arrival in Israel.

"Eitan's condition is as bad as it can get," Peleg, who is Eitan's maternal grandmother, told 103 FM. "There was no kidnapping here. The child simply wanted to return to Israel for a long time already. Also when his parents were in Israel, he always wanted to stay here. He was born and raised in my home."

"Finally, after four months, doctors will see what's happening with the child, because Eitan did not see any doctor outside of his aunt in Italy. The cat kept the cream."

"She's a doctor for prisoners, she's not licensed to treat children," Peleg explained. "For four months they forbade Shmulik (her husband - ed.) and me from meeting with the doctors and psychologists - with anyone. They didn't bother to even look at us."

"Eitan had a happy childhood. He's the first grandchild on both sides and received a lot of warmth. He comes from this love. He's an amazing child and he's smart. During coronavirus, for over half a year he lived in my home. When the pandemic broke out - I immediately brought them to me."

When asked about Eitan's medical condition, Peleg said, "Right now he is undergoing very thorough testing at Tel Hashomer, for everything, including psychological treatment, which should have been done a long time ago and wasn't."

"Eitan is our world and we want to know that he is okay. That's all that interests us. The child is very happy that he returned to Israel. He didn't even know the family in Italy. There was no connection at all between the families. But I'm taking care of him now, obviously, because I'm the grandmother, I'm Tal's mother. I'm taking care of Eitan."