Hai Shaulian
Hai ShaulianYehonatan Gottlieb

Hai Shaulian, one of the foremost anti-vaccine activists in Israel, died Monday morning of coronavirus.

Shaulian was hospitalized approximately one week ago in Holon's Wolfson Medical Center, after being diagnosed with coronavirus. His condition quickly deteriorated.

Two days ago, Shaulian published his last video clip on Facebook, but did not backtrack on his anti-vaccine beliefs.

"Dear friends, my condition is extremely critical," he said in the Facebook video. "I am in very serious condition, I'm not able to speak or respond to people. I have no oxygen and I'm not managing to stabilize. This morning I woke up, I was soaking wet as if with several buckets of water, with no oxygen. It took me about an hour to understand who I am, where I am, and what I'm doing here. A lack of oxygen is a horrible and terrible thing."

"I thank all those who are worried about me and supporting me. You can pray, that helps. I believe that I will make it through this, with G-d's help. In my estimation it will take another two weeks, maybe three. Keep fighting. The State is acting with criminal and self-interested coercion towards us. Don't give up. The Green Pass will not be implemented in Israel, it has no connection to coronavirus. It has no connection to vaccines. It has a connection to coercion."

Prior to contracting coronavirus, Shaulian organized demonstrations and protests against the coronavirus rules, including in protest of the Green Pass and the requirement to wear masks in open and enclosed spaces.