Eitan Biran
Eitan BiranCourtesy of the family

Italian relatives of 6-year-old Eitan Biran, who lost his parents and younger brother in a cable car accident in May, claim that he was abducted by his Israeli grandfather.

Earlier on Saturday, it was discovered that Eitan has been brought to Israel without the consent of his family in Italy.

Channel 12 has learned that the Biran family in Italy, which has disputed custody of Eitan with the Peleg family in Israel, allowed the grandfather to meet his grandson. They lost contact with Eitan for several hours, and then received a text message that, "Eitan has come home."

The Biran family has filed a complaint of kidnap with Italian authorities, who confirmed to them that Eitan had been brought from Italy to Israel, presumably travelling on his Israeli passport.

Last month, Ron Perry, whose wife Gali is the sister of Eitan's mother Tal, said Eitan is "in a country where his parents did not wish for him to live, certainly not in the way he is supposed to be educated."

He added, "It's unthinkable that a child will be left with a mother who never knew him," emphasizing that the Italian aunt who had custody of him "doesn't have a single photo" with Eitan from before the disaster.

"Our goal is to carry out Eitan's parents will... that's it," he said.