fruit ליצ'י מגשי פירות

Designed fruit trays for hospitality, events and gifts

There is a lot of news in the field of fruit trays, When you think of home hospitality, you think of guests’ benefit. And of course the easiest dessert is whipped cream cake but the better choice is fruit trays. Especially because it has healthy nutritional values including vitamins, natural Glucose and minerals. As mentioned, the best solution for hospitality and for everyone who wishes to eat something sweet and delicious as a dessert or instead of snacks during a birthday party is eating fruit come nicely sliced and designed in trays.

It is well known that fruits contain a verity of good vitamins and fibres and they are sweet as chocolate. Fruits contain vitamins such as: vitamin D, E, C that are known for helping digesting and also effect mood. When organizing a family gathering or for any gathering designed fruit trays will surprise and make everyone happy.

There is a big verity for designed fruit trays and it is a fresh and delicious dessert which is appropriate for any gathering or occasion.

The fruits trays come with fresh fruits which can be found in accordance to the current season: strawberries, pears, apples, pomegranates, raspberries, wild strawberries, strawberries, persimmons, , crumble, tangerine, orange, , American pear or nashi, pomelo, grapefruit , Passionflower, pineapple, watermelon, melon, Spanish melon, Ukrainian melon, plum, nectarine, green grapes, black grapes, lychee, white cherries, red cherries, mango, sabres, kiwi, figs and peach.

Also, the trays come designed, and for those who add chocolate - all that is left is to heat the chocolate and start eating. It is also possible to host a combination of fruit trays and fruit sushi trays for a decorated table and perfect hospitality.

In addition to an amazing hospitality in fruit trays, today you can surprise someone close to you with the ultimate, unique and original gift - a decorated fruit tray or fruit basket. You can give to someone you love, for example as an impressive and original gift for an anniversary or to a friend who gave birth and is currently at rest in a hospital. You can design a fruit basket, healthy, enriched with vitamins and dietary fibers.

Also, when ordering a fruit tray designed for someone dear to you, our company will provide you with the best and freshest fruits, cut and ready to eat - all you have left is to open the tray packed with organza ribbon and enjoy a fun and healthy fruit tray that reaches all the way to you.

The three special styles of the fruit trays world:

Our ability to produce a unique experience of flavors and colors during events, is the result of extraordinary thinking, endless creativity and a willingness to invest efforts in order to acquire special and colorful attractions. This is exactly why many event organizers both in the official ballrooms but also in corporate parties, business events and events in the world of entertainment industry, are interested in purchasing special and colorful
fruit trays as part of the experience they are trying to produce at the event. There are so many styles, colors and shapes that characterize the trends today, and all you need to do to make your event a success is to match the right style to the event you want to produce.

What three styles of fruit trays are currently on the market?

Fruit platter - cutting fruit in a relatively basic way, in order to produce an accessible fruit tray, which is suitable for events with a very large number of people. This is a platter that can be especially suitable for very large business events, such as company parties. fruit basket - a gift that you can give to people, which is based on a combination of careful fruit cutting and the design of a unique basket coming all the way to you.Sushi fruit - The most meticulous style of cutting fruits currently on the market is fruit sushi. This is a technique where you have to look at all the smallest details, and find the people who know how to cut fruit at a high level, to allow fruit sushi trays that look almost like the original.

Everything you want and much more

The experience you want to produce when you are looking for and working only with skilled and experienced professionals, to choose stunning fruit trays, is an experience that is based on your biggest dreams, but also to ensure that the experience is going to be an impressive and very special experience. So take the time you are trying to find for yourself the ways to produce a fruit platter that meets all your expectations and trust people for whom this is their area of expertise. Your experience will be much more impressive and much more special. By the way, know that fruit trays in hotels, especially in hotels in the north, are a trend that is very popular.

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