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The Jewish community in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada is expressing concern about an upcoming auction of Nazi memorabilia.

On Saturday, Dodds Auctions in Vernon, British Columbia will be auctioning off several lots of objects from World WarII, including Nazi items, Castanet reported.

The Nazi memorabilia, for sale as part of an estate auction that contains mostly jewelry, coins, furniture and antiques, will include photos of Hitler, Nazi party pins, Hitler Youth pins and Nazi propaganda posters.

Okanagan Jewish Community President Stephen Finkleman told the news site that he is looking into the issue.

"I gather it's not illegal to sell these types of things, but [it] is despicable and encourages certain people who might be swayed by far right propaganda,” he said.

He added that he believed the items should be displayed in the proper historical context, and that if sold on the open market could end up somewhere where they could be “used to incite hatred.”

A spokesman for Dodds Auctions told the news site that the items belonged to a man who was a resistance fighter during World War II. His son is selling them in the estate sale.

He went on to say that the items are only of “historical value” and that they wouldn’t sell anything “too graphics or sensitive.” Those kinds of items the don’t accept and “encourage [sellers] to donate them to places like the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to get them out of circulation."