Israeli Air Force (IAF) planes on Monday night targeted a rocket manufacture site belonging to the Hamas terror group, as well as a military site in Khan Yunis, where concrete factory is located, manufacturing the material for use in constructing terror tunnels.

The site is located in a civilian area near cultural sites, mosques, and a water facility.

According to an IDF spokesperson, "The strikes were carried out in response to the incendiary balloons sent into Israeli territory earlier."

But a video clip of the attack, published by the military spokesperson, shows precautionary fire which serves as an "evacuation warning" for the terrorists - something that is standard protocol and part of the IDF's efforts to prevent harm from befalling them during the strikes on infrastructure.

The Torat Halehima organization, which works to advance the IDF as a Jewish and victorious army, responded: "The IDF 'attacked' Gaza on Rosh Hashanah, in 'response' to the launch of terror balloons. Why are we all indifferent to this? Because no terrorist was scratched. Why? Because there was an 'evacuation warning.' Why? Because the Bennett-Lapid government and senior officials in the IDF are deterred from [harming] the terrorists. And this is the entire story of the open fire orders."