President Isaac Herzog
President Isaac Herzog Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

President Isaac Herzog was interviewed on Kan 11 News on Sunday and commented on the accusations that there was an agreement stipulating that he would be elected President in exchange for granting a pardon to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"This is a theoretical and unfair question. I treat and will treat every citizen's application equally. There was no deal. I never spoke to Netanyahu about this issue - neither directly nor indirectly," Herzog said.

The President, who had a meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan last week, said, "We had a great conversation, he is an important leader as far as we’re concerned. If and when possible I will meet with many leaders in the region, all in coordination with the government."

"Jordan is a very important country and I very much respect King Abdullah. In our meeting we discussed key areas of dialogue between the countries, including an agreement to import agriculture in the shemita year, issues of energy, sustainability and solutions to the climate crisis that can be promoted together," he added.

The President further noted that there is a willingness to hold dialogue with other countries in the region.

"There are feelings in the region of ​​a desire to move forward and talk," the President said. "These days we mark the anniversary of the signing of the Abraham Accords, which laid an important regional foundation. I was happy to inaugurate the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Tel Aviv, and I intend to talk and meet with other heads of state from the region. I speak with many leaders from around the world, almost every day, in full coordination with the government of Israel."

On the political situation in Israel, he said, "There is a stable government that passes decisions and is getting us back on track."

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