President Herzog and King Abdullah
President Herzog and King Abdullah Reuters and Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

Israeli President Isaac Herzog met the King Abdullah II of Jordan last week at the King's palace.

In the warm meeting, held at the King's invitation, President Herzog and King Abdullah discussed important strategic issues, at both the bilateral and regional levels.

After the meeting, President Herzog said: "Jordan is a very important country. I have immense respect for King Abdullah, a great leader and a highly significant regional actor, who has recently met extremely important leaders, including President Biden, President Putin, President al-Sisi, and Mahmoud Abbas."

"In our meeting, among the things we discussed were the core issues in the dialogue between our states, including an agreement to import agricultural produce during the shmittah (agricultural sabbatical) year, energy issues, sustainability, and solutions to the climate crisis that we can advance together."

Pres. Herzog emphasized: "There is a sense in the region of a desire to make progress, a desire to speak. We are currently marking one year since the signing of the Abraham Accords. These accords created an important regional infrastructure. They are highly important agreements, which are transforming our region and the dialogue within it. I was happy to inaugurate the United Arab Emirates' embassy in Tel Aviv at the start of my term, and I intend to speak with and meet other heads of state in the region."

"I speak with many leaders from all around the world, almost every day, in full coordination with the Government of Israel. I think that it is very important for the State of Israel's strategic and diplomatic interests to engage everyone in dialogue."