Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel Smotrich Hezki Baruch

Religious Zionism party chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich warned that Israel was reembarking on the same political process that led to the suicide bombing campaign of the early 2000s following Defense Minister Benny Gantz's meeting with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas and decision to loan the PA half a million shekels.

Smotrich stated that "we are in the midst of a political process" that has "repeatedly exploded on us in buses, in city centers and in the thousands killed and wounded. In secret, and behind the backs of the citizens of Israel, immediately after the formation of this government, a dangerous political process was initiated that takes us back to the days of Oslo."

"It's not even a negotiation. It's giving and giving," he said.

"So Bennett did not meet with Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] himself, and even created a seemingly well-publicized quarrel. He does not need it. He has Gantz as a proxy, a messenger for that matter.

He added that the funds would come from the Israeli taxpayer and would end up in the hands of terrorists, "Terrorist money is laundered through a revolving door. I received the information that NIS 100 million will be transferred to Abu Mazen from the Israeli settlement funds from an internal source that is very involved in the details. No false denial by Bennett will change that."

"Gaza is being rehabilitated while committing violence, with no compensation and no demilitarization. For the first time since Operation Protective Edge, building materials have been brought into the Strip unsupervised," Smotrich said.

"They do not call the political process a political process, but civilian steps to strengthen the Palestinian Authority, and think it will be possible to blind the public in this way.

"It all depends on one person from the coalition. Stop it now. Do not make the mistakes of those sitting in left-wing governments who galloped into the abyss, gave them oxygen, and stopped only when it was too late," Smotrich concluded,

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