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Yad Sarah Director General Moshe Cohen warned Wednesday morning that by next week, all of the organization's oxygen concentrators will have been lent out.

"The hospitals are on the brink of collapse - and the Health Ministry isn't considering our request for a budget for more oxygen concentrators," Cohen told Kol Hai Radio.

According to him, "there are currently 2,000 home hospitalizations, and next week we won't have any more machines to lend out."

Cohen also lambasted Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who previously had encouraged home hospitalizations but is now refraining from involving himself in the matter to ensure the relevant organizations do not collapse.

"A few months ago, Naftali Bennett sat with us and said that it's not normal that the State does not support home hospitalizations," he said. "And today, the same Bennett and the officials in the Health Ministry are not doing anything."