Parents in a Northern Irish village were horrified to discover the community’s playground vandalized with swastikas and vulgar graffiti over the weekend.

The hateful graffiti was spray painted on the brick walls and play surface of the playground in Millford, a village in County Armaghi, reported.

Besides swastikas, the graffiti was said to have included graphic body parts.

Parents were incensed when they arrived with young children at the playground and saw what had happened.

“Parks are so important in the local community for kids to come together, meet new people and make new friends, those involved should be totally ashamed of their actions,” a mother told the news outlet. “It’s absolutely mindless – thankfully my kids didn’t ask too many questions but it’s certainly not something I want them subjected to at such an age, or any age for that matter.”

The vandalism is the latest occurrence of an increasing trend of far right graffiti incidents involving swastikas in the UK.

In mid-August, a salon in Essex was discovered by its owner vandalized and covered with dozens of swastikas and a list of racist rules, including a “giant swastika” carved into a wall.

Earlier in the month, a man was caught on video defacing a Manchester road with swastikas.

At the beginning of August, swastika graffiti was found in Durham near a bandstand close to the Durham Racecourse.

That incident followed a suspended sentence given to a man who pled guilty to defacing a Welsh war memorial in February with swastikas and Nazi slogans.

Several days later, a large swastika was drawn on a railway bridge in Harrogate, a town in North Yorkshire. The bridge is considered a local landmark.