Sunset in Iran
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The Iranian member of parliament representing the country’s Jewish community told Fars News Agency that American presidents do not have control over US foreign and domestic policies, according to a report by Iran Front Page.

In the interview, Siamak Moreh Sedgh alleged that both policies are controlled by outside interests, namely “pro-Israel lobbies” and “capitalists.”

Sedgh, a doctor and politician who has held the seat in the Islamic State’s parliament reserved for the Jewish community since 2008, quoted statements made by Ayatollah Khamenei that a change in American presidents doesn’t change policies.

He added that American policy toward to Iran has not changed since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, accusing the US of attempting to bring down the Iranian government through regime change.

He further chastised the Biden White House’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, stating that people should take note of how the military left the country. He accused the US government of not caring about other countries or helping others, saying America only backed those who fight or spy for its interests.

At the beginning of August, Sedgh also attacked Israel and the US in a Fars News Agency interview.

“The Zionists’ bid to display themselves as victims to raise allegations against others, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a worn-out project and will not yield results,” Sedq said. “The US and the Zionist regime and their allies should know that if they endanger and threaten Iran's interests, they will receive a crushing response beyond their imagination.”