In a TV ad that's garnered over a million views on YouTube alone, Emirates Airline features Georgia, U.S. native, Nicole Smith Ludvik atop the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's tallest building.

"Hi Mom, I'm on top of the world!", says Nicole, dressed as a flight attendant for the airline.

According to Gulf News, Smith Ludvik, who became a skydiver after being widowed at just 25 years of age, survived a car accident which ended up killing her instructor and leaving her fighting for her life with multiple brain injuries, a broken neck, back, tailbone, and punctured lung.

The site quotes Nicole as saying she made a "full recovery and be a professional skydiver again..."

Nicole is currently married to world champion skydiver David “Junior” Ludvik, whom she met on a tandem skydive and who later proposed during a jump.

The Emirates ad was one of the highest ever filmed and included rigorous preparation on the part of the professional stuntwoman.

Gulf News also reported that, "...reaching the 160th floor, the crew [proceeded to] climb for over an hour to reach the top of the [tower]."

Video: Dubai OFW