MK Nir Barkat
MK Nir BarkatTPS

MK Nir Barkat (Likud) has requested of the Knesset Speaker that he establish a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Barel Hadarya Shmueli.

Barel passed away on Monday after being shot in the head at close range. He had been posted at the Gaza border and ordered to refrain from firing, even as hundreds of Palestinians rioted on the other side of the border and were permitted to approach the wall.

The IDF later explained that it did not realize that one of the rioters was armed, as his gun was hidden in his clothing.

"The government ordered the IDF to 'contain' the events on the border with Gaza and not to cause Palestinian deaths in advance of the Prime Minister's visit to Washington," Barkat accused.

"The fighters who were stationed on the border, facing Palestinian rioters, were ordered to contain the riots and were left exposed and confused from these orders. The death of Barel Hadarya Shmueli raises harsh questions regarding such orders, emanating from the political echelon, and demands the establishment of a parliamentary commission of inquiry that will investigate the connection between the order given by the government to the army, and the military failures at the scene."