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Renowned San Francisco Jewish street poet Jack Hirschman has passed away in San Francisco at the age of 87.

Hirschman was the poet laureate of San Francisco from 2006 to 2009.

A founding member of the Union of Street Poets, Hirschman published over 100 volumes of poetry. Some of his work was published and some was printed on a photocopy machine at his home.

A scholar of nine languages, many of his volumes of poetry were translations, including works of Yiddish poet Hirsh Glik.

He also wrote prose works about his childhood growing up in the Bronx.

Hirschman began his career as a copy editor for the Associated Press in New York City. He later taught at UCLA before being fired in the early ‘70s for his activism agains the Vietnam War.

After moving to San Francisco in 1972, Hirschman reinvigorated the San Francisco Poetry Festival and became the poet-in-residence for decades at the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.