prayers outside hospital for Barel Shmueli
prayers outside hospital for Barel Shmueli יגאל מלכא

A social media protest has begun within the IDF following the death of Barel Hadarya Shmueli, the Border Policer officer who was critically wounded in violent riots on the Gaza border over a week ago, passed away from his wounds

Hundreds of soldiers posted a message on their Instagram accounts claiming that the IDF senior command was preventing soldiers from defending themselves, Kan 11 reported.

Military correspondent Roi Sharon reported that the protest follows claims that IDF forces at the riot where Shmueli was shot at close ranged asked for permission to open fire and were refused.

According to the military investigation conducted last week, this claim is incorrect. But the argument that IDF soldiers are put at unnecessary risk by commanders who refuse to let them defend themselves is not new.

Barel enlisted in the Border Police and underwent training as a soldier in March 2019. Following his training, he completed a course to join the Border Police's undercover Arab unit, after which he became part of the Border Police Southern District's unit (Yamas).