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Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet leader Mohammad Shtayyeh and “foreign minister” Riyad al-Maliki met on Sunday in Ramallah with Western consuls and diplomats who are stationed in "Palestine."

According to a report by the official PA news agency Wafa, Shtayyeh urged EU countries to take more effective measures against Israel in order to stop it from violating the rights of the Palestinian people and expedite the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state within the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital.

Shtayyeh added that the renewal of the peace process requires an initiative led by the Quartet (the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and Russia) and the respect by Israel of the agreements that will allow a dialogue with it on permanent status.

He accused Israel of undermining the democratic process in the Palestinian Authority when it prevented the holding of general elections in Jerusalem. He also stressed the importance of the internal Palestinian discourse and the strengthening of national unity.

Meanwhile, Jamal Alyan, a senior member of the Islamic Jihad organization, said on Sunday that the Palestinian “resistance organizations” oppose the terms of the Quartet, which include accepting political agreements with Israel.

Alyan noted that these conditions reflect a lack of understanding of the nature of the conflict with Israel and they will not lead to a new path as the Quartet adopts positions that match those of the enemy.

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