Biden and Bennett
Biden and BennettReuters

Multiple journalists, including the Arutz Sheva representative in the delegation, who flew to the White House for Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's first meeting with US President Joe Biden believe Biden did not fall asleep during the meeting as has been reported on social media.

In clip from the Bennett-Biden meeting that went viral, President Biden lowered his head and appeared to nod off. Although his fingers continued to move, his head and eyes were at an angle from which made him appear to be asleep while Bennett spoke to him.

Nearly two million people watched the segment in question, which was shared by MK Galit Distel-Etebaryan (Likud), who wrote: "For some reason, the Israeli media fell asleep itself and did not pay attention to this historic segment. I thought you should get to see it anyway."

However, multiple journalists who were present in the Oval Office said this did not happen. "From my point of view, Biden did not fall asleep," wrote Hodayah Krish Rishoni for Makor Rishon. "It is possible and definitely necessary to criticize the content of the meeting, things that were said or not in it. But dealing with events that did not really happen only weakens the factual criticism."

Journalist Moriah Asraf Wahlberg said on Galei Tzahal: "I was in the room, I was constantly looking at Bennett and Biden, and I was not under the impression that Biden fell asleep. In my opinion, this is a matter of the angle of the camera."