The IDF's method of retaliation against Hamas in Gaza focuses on the terrorist organization's infrastructure and assets, without the intention to eliminate terrorists. An "evacuation warning" is sent out before the bombing of the facilities used to produce weapons and execute terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.

In the documentation of the attack last night (Saturday) which was carried out in retaliation for the firing of incendiary balloons into Israeli territory and the violent riots in the Gaza Strip, and the launching of terrorist balloons into the western Negev, the Air Force attacked a military compound used for training and manufacturing weapons, as well as an entrance shaft leading to a terrorist tunnel. No Hamas terrorists were killed, due to the advance notice given by the Air Force.

The Torat Lechima NGO has been warning for some time that the attacks are carried out against "the enemy's assets, but not against the enemy itself."

According to them, "this is a profound moral failure that perpetuates the attacks of Arab terror against the State of Israel. Operation Guardian of the Walls also attacked buildings and tunnels and the Iron Dome intercepted rockets, but the enemy itself remains immune. This directly affects the terrorists' sense of security, strengthens them, and harms the soldiers on the ground, as we saw in the case where the soldier Barel Shmueli was shot, and harms the citizens of Israel."

"The rockets and terrorist balloons are evidence that the useless attacks on trees and stones are only used to placate the public in Israel. Chief of Staff Kochavi promised the people of Israel a "lethal army," but in the meantime the IDF lacks the basic Jewish moral consciousness that all mercy for the cruel is cruelty for the merciful."