Drone (illustration)
Drone (illustration)Moshe Shai / Flash 90

The US military carried out a drone strike against what what it claimed was an ISIS-K planner in eastern Afghanistan, CNN reported.

The strike in the Nangarhar province comes amid warnings of possible additional terror attacks targeting US evacuations from the Kabul airport. The US is working to airlift both US and Afghanistan citizens who assisted US forces and officials, and has said that it will end its efforts by August 31.

On Saturday, a US defense official told CNN that the individual targeted in the US drone strike was believed to be "associated with potential future attacks at the airport."

The US located him and "had sufficient eyes on and sufficient knowledge" to strike, the official added, noting that the man "was a known entity" but emphasizing that the US is not calling him a "senior" ISIS-K operative.

An Afghan journalist who visited the scene of the drone strike told CNN that the strike destroyed a home close to Jalalabad in Nangarhar.

A second US defense official told the site that surveillance continued on the compound until the target's wife and children left, after which the US carried out the strike.

The US Central Command said in a Friday statement that it was not aware of any civilian casualties, and an official familiar with the matter said that the strike had been approved by Biden.