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Accepting Biden’s cognitive challenges and lack of judgement, isn’t there more to be looked into and thoroughly investigated? We heard about moneys allegedly paid to Biden or his son Hunter, acting as a surrogate and front for the Biden family enterprise, by Russia, the Ukraine and China. The “Laptop from Hell” has indicated much including what appears to be an acknowledgement of Joe Biden receiving money every time. Biden’s income jumped up exponentially during this period.

How was and is Biden allowed to get off scot free from investigating secret meetings that the family scheme via Hunter Biden allegedly arranged for various international parties that had nothing to do with his duties as vice-president, but may have been part of the Biden money making scheme? The money and directorships Hunter received seem to be because his father was vice-president. How did those meetings influence his actions as vice-president? These were clearly not courtesy calls to have tea. Did Biden abuse his position and why hasn’t this been investigated?

How did Hunter Biden suddenly become an artist and sell his paintings for allegedly huge sums of undisclosed money to undisclosed buyers? This must be investigated as it appears to be another cover up for receiving huge sums of money.

The big question no one dares to ask is, is Biden compromised and is he beholden to China, Russia, Ukraine or any other country?

Why has there been no inquest into these issues and allegation?

Why has the American mainstream media ignored these issues? Before the election they were obviously protecting Biden, possibly to the detriment of the USA. This is unacceptable from a so-called free press. Opinion in the press and media is one thing, but being beholden as the attack dogs to the Democrat Party is another.

Why has the FBI ignored these issues and allegations and what has happened and is happening to the issues raised by the “Laptop from Hell”?

Does the US justice system have two levels of justice, one for the ordinary Americans and another for the Elite?

In addition to all the questions concerning Biden, why has Hillary Clinton never been properly investigated and if found to have contravened the law, why is she even now not indicted? Semantics employed by the FBI’s then head, James Comey, are just not good enough. The private email server and the destruction of cell phones are two well-known issues that were allegedly in breach of the law.

Has the Benghazi issue been properly investigated and was Obama involved in that decision or is he being protected?

In short, what hold do the Democrats have over the American Justice System that it appears they are above the law and appear to get away with almost anything?

What sort of legal system is so political that a Manhattan prosecutor, clearly a Democrat with huge ambition, can go on a fishing expedition investigating the Trump family business in search of something when she has absolutely nothing to base her agenda on or that can justify any investigation? Is this a Democrat inspired witch hunt against Trump?

It is commonly believed that the Russia Hoax against Trump originated from Hillary Clinton at the time to take attention and focus off her illegal private email server and cell phone destruction. The so-called “Dossier” was financed by Clinton or her campaign. One way or the other, she is implicated. Why has this not been investigated and properly followed through? In addition, it cost the US taxpayer unnecessary millions.

We must also question Obama’s wealth. Whilst he gets a lifetime pension as a former President, I am not sure this raises him into the extremely wealthy man he now is. Book sales contributed I am sure, but where did the wealth come from when he started as a community organiser, practiced briefly as a lawyer, had short terms in state and federal senates? Why are Trump's IRS returns demanded and Obama's sources of income not?

This brings us back to Biden. Is the thought that it is impossible that a President can be compromised the case? History abounds with spies and double agents reaching high positions or even top positions. We have only to think of Kim Philby and the Cambridge five. Israel’s famous spy, Eli Cohen, reached all the way up to the president of Syria, Hafez al-Assad.

There is so much that is known already about Biden’s questionable activities with his son. We then have to factor this in to his executive orders and actions since assuming the Presidency. Trump had the USA completely independent of oil imports, which is a major plus. Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline, but had no compunctions in allowing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which is an underwater twin pipeline that would transport natural gas from Russia directly to Germany. At a length of 1,230 kilometres, it is to follow the route of the existing Nord Stream twin pipeline underneath the Baltic Sea. Apart from this being a major strategic boost for Russia, where were the environmental concerns? There are huge inconsistencies here.

We all now know that Afghanistan was a monumental disaster and almost inconceivable stupidity. The strategic damage is beyond huge. Apart from not keeping a presence with a small force backing up the Afghan government, reports now state that Afghanistan has major deposits of Rare Earth metals which are essential for a modern electronic economy. Joe Biden has given America’s enemies a great and lasting victory which will have enormous repercussions in every sphere and in particular a boost in Islamic terrorism. What was he thinking? Or was he? Couldn’t any advisors, including Pelosi and Schumer have any influence when his actions were clearly to the detriment of the United States?

Why benefit China as they apparently have the other major source of Rare Earth Metals? And Russia is also jumping in.Only an unmitigated fool would do this! No amount of spin and tough talk is going to get him out of this.

America’s Minister of Justice, the Attorney General, is, it seems, a political appointee. Nevertheless, justice should be blind and before the “honour” of any political party comes the integrity of the country and its institutions. This seems so obvious, but appears to be honoured in the breach. Am I naïve to think this way?

I am a South African, but I see Americans often pledge allegiance to the flag. I cannot believe there is any lack of pride and patriotism in the a majority of the general American population. This is the country that has stood for what is right and played such a major role in WWII. Since then, many mistakes or lack of vision and focus have led to lost wars, but America was to the world the shining city on the hill. The crowds trying to enter the USA via its southern border attest to this.

Is it beyond America to indict a President, especially if he is a Democrat? Israel, a true democracy, has had no compunction to indict and jail a former president and prime minister. Are Democrats above the law? It is interesting how quick and how easily the Democrats have pursued trying to indict Trump. Nothing inhibited them. However, this does not seem to be the case with the Republicans who do not display any attitude of vengeance.

Why can all these questions not be answered and I ask again, is Biden, looking at his foolhardiness and brashness and possible loyalty to his family and son, compromised? Were all the financial issues an attempt to secure a financial legacy for his family knowing he is in the twilight of his existence?

David Hersch is Chairman of SAIPAC, the South African Israel Public Affairs Committee. Former chairman of the South African Zionist Federation (Cape Council) as well as a former national vice-chairman of the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF). He is also former member of the South Jewish Board of Deputies (Cape Council). Retired businessman and broadcaster.