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A candidate in Surrey, British Columbia is the latest victim of a series of swastikas spray painted on election signs across Canada during the country's federal election.

Liberal Party incumbent Randeep Sarai discovered the swastika on his sign on Tuesday.

"I am disappointed to see that one of my signs was defaced, yesterday in Surrey Centre,” he tweeted. “This behaviour is intolerable. I deplore this sort of anti-Semitic behaviour, I know my neighbours will join me in calling it out.”

He added: “Let’s move forward with kindness and constructive discussion.”

Sarai told CityNews 1130 that he felt “really sad” about the incident.

“I feel really bad that we’re in the 21st century, we’re in a multicultural, diverse society that gets along really well. And to see this still pop up?”

Sarai had a message for whoever was responsible for the vandalism, saying he would like to speak to them.

“I’d like them to realize what the symbol means and how it’s the symbol of killing over 6 million people and how it affects … particularly the Jewish Canadians in this country,” he said. “But it’s beyond that. I think it affects anyone that is different, that has unique identity, or maybe unique in their faith. It makes a very piercing effect on all of them.”

Earlier in August, the election signs of Jewish politicians in Montreal, Quebec were defaced with swastikas.

MPs Rachel Bendayan, who represents Outremont, and Anthony Housefather, who represents Mount Royal, both shared photos on Tuesday of their vandalized election signs.

Several days later, Leah Taylor Roy, who is running on behalf of the Liberal Party in Aurora–Oak Ridges–Richmond Hill, a riding north of Toronto, shared photos of a campaign sign defaced with a swastika and the word “Nazi.”