Swastikas on the door of the synagogue
Swastikas on the door of the synagogueIsrael Police spokesperson

Worshipers at a synagogue in southern Tel Aviv on Thursday morning discovered that vandals had drawn swastikas on the doors of their synagogue.

The incident occurred in the city's Shapira neighborhood, which is located near the Central Bus Station, and involved swastikas drawn in pen on entrance.

Upon discovery of the graffiti, the worshipers called Israel Police, who arrived at the site and began collecting evidence. An investigation has been opened.

The "Central Station Environs" Twitter account, which has followed events in the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood since African infiltrators arrived en masse years ago, tweeted: "Infiltrators or suckers sprayed swastikas on a synagogue in southern Tel Aviv."

"This time, we'll bet on the suckers, but it doesn't matter. What matters is whether the police will file indictments here, the way it does for anti-infiltrator graffiti."