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The Health Ministry reported tonight (Wednesday) that 10,001 newly verified coronavirus cases have been diagnosed in the last day and the positive test rate stands at 6.69%. This is the first time the number of daily new cases topped 10,000 in the current wave.

The number of unvaccinated people who have been diagnosed is close to half the daily amount and is very similar to the number of people who have received two doses of the vaccine. The number of people infected since the beginning of the epidemic in Israel stands 1,017,825.

1,084 coronavirus patients are currently hospitalized in hospitals across the country, 668 of them in serious or critical condition.

25 people died from the coronavirus yesterday. Another 12 have died so far today, raising the death toll in Israel to 6,908.

To date, 5,927,650 Israelis have received the first vaccine dose, of which approximately 5,456,870 have received the second dose. 1,723,205 Israelis have received the third dose so far.

Kan News reported that if the morbidity continues to rise at a rate similar to that of the last few days the Health Ministry will consider imposing restrictions family gatherings during the High Holidays.

According to the plan, the number of participants allowed at the holiday meals will be reduced to 30 to prevent mass infections - both from children returning from school and from adults who will not yet be fully vaccinated with the third dose.

The Health Ministry has expressed cautious optimism mixed with concern about morbidity data. On the one hand, it is clear that the third doses work and prevent infection. In addition, there has been a level of stabilization in the numbers of patients in serious condition. On the other hand, the number of verified cases is still rising and very high. The ministry is also concerned by the fact that the school year is about to begin, to be followed shortly by the High Holidays.

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