Gaza rioters near the Gaza-Israel border
Gaza rioters near the Gaza-Israel borderAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Former Southern Command Commander Yom-Tov Samia on Wednesday called for Israel to take the offensive, instead of constantly reacting to terror.

"We are 16 years from the Disengagement from the Gaza Strip," Samia told 103 FM Radio. "That was the last step that Israel initiated in Gaza. Since then? We respond. If the State of Israel had some strategy regarding the Gaza Strip, then the results of the test are that it failed."

Samia also said that during the years since Israel pulled out of Gaza, the State of Israel "did not provide immediate aid to those who were displaced from the Gaza Strip. We left in a hasty and incorrect fashion. We did not leave a military boot on the ground, we connected the Gaza Strip to Sinai. We left quickly and we caused that within a year and a quarter, Hamas rose to power."

"For 40 years, we've taken only actions, to protect, to pull out, Iron Domes. We don't have any attack initiative, and that's the only way to deal with terror.

"The State of Israel, as a state, has no choice but to make a decision to defeat the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip and bring back the Palestinian Authority. The State of Israel brought about the formation of Hamas, and the State of Israel caused Hamas to come to power. I agree that it's not simple to make up for 14 years of failure. I very much hope that the government will change its strategy, approach, and path."