Hanan Ben-Ari
Hanan Ben-Ari צילום: אורית פניני

Singer and composer Hanan Ben-Ari took the stage tonight (Tuesday) at the ACUM Awards ceremony to receive the awards for author of the year and the most listened-to song.

Ben-Ari turned to Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, who was sitting in the audience, and said, "There's a man sitting here in the front row who won a slightly bigger prize, the Oscar, and I wouldn't swap with him for a second. Because there is no greater honor to be a creator in Hebrew."

Ynet reporter Ran Boker reported that the money Ben-Ari received for the two prizes, NIS 30,000, will be donated to the Head Start project for young artists. 'I'm going back to where I grew up. They need that money and that support," Ben-Ari said.