A Jewish father of five was physically assaulted at a South Florida hotel pool on Sunday by an assailant who may face hate crime charges.

The suspect Marcos Rodriguez was caught on video slapping the victim Alain Altit in the face at the Tidal Cove water park in Aventura, Florida, reported Local 10 News.

The attack occurred after Rodriguez’s wife called a woman at the pool a “dirty Jew” and Altit confronted Rodriguez.

Rodriguez allegedly responded by slapping Altit in front of his five children, said Aventura police.

Aventura police are conducting an investigation and there may be an enhanced hate crime charge.

“We take any threat to anyone seriously, especially if it has to do with race, ethnicity, anything along those lines,” police spokesperson Michael Bentolila told Local 10.

Altit’s wife, Tanya Cohen, said that she believed the incident began when the woman who was called the anti-Semitic slur accidentally splashed some water onto Rodriguez’s towel.

“The guy was definitely trying to pick a fight with a Jew,” Cohen told the news outlet. “We are in 2021. This shouldn’t be happening anymore.”