Amit Ben Yigal's father at his son's grave
Amit Ben Yigal's father at his son's grave picture used with permission of family

Nazmi Abu Bakr, the terrorist accused of murdering Golani Brigade soldier Amit Ben Yigal in May 2020, petitioned the High Court to dig up the grave and remove the helmet Ben Yigal he was wearing when he fell.

According to Bakr's lawyer, an examination of the helmet by an expert on behalf of the defense may lead to his acquittal.

The Military Court of Appeals has already denied the terrorist's request. The judge clarified - "this is a serious injury to the deceased without any evidential benefit, as the helmet has already been photographed from every direction." The terrorist's lawyer decided to appeal to the Supreme Court.

MK Itamar Ben Gvir (Otzma Yehudit) said in response: "In Israel, terrorists are given heaven, and that is what makes them think they can make hell for the families of those killed."

Bakr was convicted of dropping a block on 21-year-old IDF soldier Amit Ben Yigal from the roof of his building in Ya’bad, during an arrest operation on the night of May 12, 2020.

Ben Yigal was part of the IDF force securing the town during the pre-dawn arrest operation, and was struck in the head by a block and killed as the IDF force pulled out of the town.\

Bakr was arrested about a month after the incident and convicted of murdering Ben Yigal.

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