A UK salon was trashed and covered with dozens of swastikas and a list of racist rules.

The vandalism of the business in Brentwood, Essex was discovered last week by its owner Holli Henderson who said that the damages totalled over $8,000, reported Metro News.

The shop, which had over $5,000 worth of renovations before the pandemic, had multiple holes punched through its walls including a giant swastika carved into the plaster.

Dozens of other swastikas were drawn all over the walls along with other racist and vulgar graffiti.

A doorway was also created by knocking a whole through a wall.

“EDL” – the acronym for the far right English Defense League – was also written on the walls.

Police are are investigating the incident. Witnesses said that they saw teenagers in hoodies riding to the salon on e-scooters.

Henderson said that she found scales in her salon and that she thought the vandals were using the location to sell drugs during the lockdowns.

"I can’t go back there ever. The energy in there is just horrendous. The worst for me really was the anti-Semitic stuff. They carved a Nazi sign into the wall – I can’t ever unsee that,” she told Metro.

"I went to Auschwitz just before the pandemic and so it really just impacted me so much, how anyone could do that, it’s just so awful."

She added, "I think it’s racist kids being idiots and not knowing the implications of their actions."