Hamad Amar
Hamad AmarYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Minister in the Finance Ministry Hamad Amar on Monday morning refrained from specifying to Ynet how the Ministry would aid businesses which have suffered from the coronavirus restrictions, but encouraged everyone to "go get vaccinated - that's what's important," Ynet reported.

"Everyone who is hurt will receive his own treatment," Amar told the site. "We don't speak in general terms, because each sector will be personally attended to. We are doing everything to help everyone, but go get vaccinated. That's what's important."

"I want to first of all tell the nation of Israel: Coronavirus is here, and it's not going to leave us tomorrow. If we knew that it would leave, I'd say that it's worth going into lockdown, to finish off a certain period and then to live as usual. But coronavirus is going to be with us for a long time, and so we need to learn to live with it, to live with it. To continue forward. If you need to get tested, get tested, if you need to get vaccinated, get vaccinated. We can't think that a lockdown is the solution."

He added: "We in the Finance Ministry are doing everything to avoid a lockdown in Israel. A lockdown doesn't just hurt the economy, it hurts everyone - children, parents, every person. It means staying at home, not doing anything. So our goal is to prevent the lockdown."

When asked for his opinion on the decision to start school on September 1, Amar told Ynet: "Every person has his own opinion, and that expresses itself in the Coronavirus Cabinet as well. My opinion is clear: The school year needs to start on September 1, and my opinion is that anyone of the educational staff who is not vaccinated and does not agree to be tested, should not come to school. We cannot allow this."

"My stance is also that we need to vaccinate children above age 12 within school during school hours. I prefer that they lose an hour of school in order to get vaccinated, and not a longer period because they need to be in quarantine. We need to reach every single student, we all got vaccinated in school, there's nothing bad about getting vaccinated in the school."