demonstration of Ethiopian Jews
demonstration of Ethiopian JewsArutz Sheva

More than a thousand people demonstrated in front of the Knesset today (Sunday) against the government's failure to bring the rest of Ethiopian Jews to Israel and the non-implementation of the government's decision on the issue, which was made as early as 2015.

The demonstration comes against the background of the deteriorating security situation in Ethiopia, when only last week two people from the Jewish communities in Addis Ababa and Gondar were killed.

Chairman of the Struggle to Bring Ethiopians to Israel Uri Frednik said: "When about 30,000 people immigrate to all over the country each year, there is no reason for Ethiopians to only have a few hundred people make aliyah. The Israeli government must allow the continued immigration from Ethiopia and implement the decision made to bring all those waiting in Addis Ababa and Gondar."

"Jews in Ethiopia are being exposed to war," Frednik warned.

"This demonstration is just the beginning and if necessary it will continue in the coming months in front of the houses of the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister," he said,