Merav Michaeli and Lior Schleien with Uri
Merav Michaeli and Lior Schleien with UriFacebook

Transport Minister Merav Michaeli (Labor) has revealed that her flight to the United States - a trip directly contrary to the Prime Minister's request that Israelis not travel abroad - was for the birth of her new son Uri, born with the help of a surrogate mother.

Michaeli also revealed that she and her partner Lior Schleien had attempted conception with the aid of various fertility treatments before resorting to surrogacy.

Tonight she wrote on Facebook that "From the first time Lior told me 'Let's make a child,' I was sure it was in jest - he is a comedian, and we're talking about me, and it's known that I have no intention of having children. When he continued, I thought it was a culturally acceptable way of saying, 'I love you,' and that it would eventually pass. To me, our life was really great as it is. But as time went on I realized how much he wanted it. I looked at him, and I loved him. And I chose to live with him and chose to go on this journey with him."

"There were many trials. I have learned a lot, and can now see what needs to change about the fertility treatment system, but that is for another time. We were incredibly lucky to meet Kelsey, a wonderful American girl, who wanted to help those in our situation and also help support her amazing family. Thanks to her, Uri was born yesterday."

"This does not change my opinion that motherhood is an unfair burden on women, nor that you can be a perfect woman even without being a mother. He is my and Lior's child. We are so happy for him and happy to be his parents. Our love story is now a love story of three."