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The IDF on Friday said that they received the results of blood tests performed post mortem on the IDF intelligence officer who died in a military prison.

In the test, which was analyzed in the US, the concentrations of two medications which he took were examined. One of the results was not unusual, and was appropriate for regular use of the medication. The other test was unsuccessful.

"This is a complex technology, and sometimes we see results such as this," a statement read. "These results do not allow us to definitively connect the officer's death with an overdose of one of the drugs."

"The findings of the laboratory tests have been transferred as part of the investigation to the Institute of Forensic Medicine, and will be examined by the experts in the field," an IDF spokesman said.

The intelligence officer's parents responded: "From the first moment, they claimed that our son did not commit suicide, and that his tragic death was caused by other circumstances. The partial results of the toxicity tests received so far reflect that he had no excessive amounts of controlled substances in his blood, and support the estimation that our son did not choose to take his own life."

The family further stated their demand that the investigation be completed soon, and that their son be recognized as having died in service to the IDF, especially given the recent laboratory results.

"The Manpower Directorate head and the IDF Chief of Staff must take responsibility and recognize him as one who died in the service of the IDF, and not continue to torture us," the family said.

In early June, an IDF intelligence officer died in prison under mysterious circumstances. Shortly afterwards, a redacted report was released, showing that the officer had presented a threat to Israel's security, and that there was an indictment against him and allowing the family to view the indictment.

Later that month, the officer's father slammed the IDF for not informing the family of two medical events that his son suffered in prison. He also claimed that the IDF "murdered" his son "indirectly" and "are continuing to blacken his reputation with all kinds of sensational leaks."