"Please do not recognize the Taliban," Afghan journalist Lailuma Sadid begged Western leaders in tears during a video streaming with NATO. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had other priorities and literally "begged" the Taliban to "recognize human rights".

This war began with men falling from the Twin Towers and ended with other men falling from American planes.
“The world is watching you," warned Nancy Pelosi to the worried Taliban. The United Nations Security Council called for "an immediate cessation of all hostilities and the establishment, through inclusive negotiations, of a government that is united, inclusive and representative, also with the full, equitable and meaningful participation of women"

Confirming the feeling of many that America is a global object of mockery came the State Department, which officially asked the Taliban to form an "inclusive government".

The head of European diplomacy, Josef Borrell, has invited the Taliban to “dialogue”.

The British foreign minister has suggested increasing aid to Afghanistan.

The former Minister of Economy of Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, wrote instead: “Our thoughts are with Afghan women. Our solidarity probably means little to them, but that's what we can offer - for now. Hold on sisters!”.

A spokesman for the German Ministry of Defense, on the other hand, spoke this way on the responsibility of getting Afghan personnel out of Kabul: "We did not force them to collaborate with us". Perhaps the pinnacle of depravity.

But just above it is Twitter, the digital giant on which much of Western diplomacy takes place today, which declares that the Taliban will be able to continue using social media "as long as they respect the rules".

And UNICEF, which says it is "quite optimistic" that the Taliban will respect women's right to education.

Meanwhile, at the Kabul Palace, from where according to the Russians, President Ghani fled with several suitcases full of money, the Taliban commander who gave the victory speech to the world is Gholam Ruhani, released by Guantanamo because he said that his "only wish" was to return to Afghanistan and "assist his father, who is ill, in running the family home appliance store in Kabul."

The West now asks the Taliban to be good enough to include women in their theocracy. We all live in an episode of South Park.

For twenty years, Western soldiers have been at war in Afghanistan, even though our politicians, who sent them to us, never wanted to hear about war. The Taliban have now triumphed and our politicians are reacting badly.

This war began with men falling from the Twin Towers and ended with other men falling from American planes taking off from what remains of the "Hamid Karzai International Airport", which will be soon renamed “Sharia International Airport”

Aren't we part of a great (tragi) comic movie?