giving COVID vaccine
giving COVID vaccineOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The Health Ministry vaccination committee decided Thursday night to lower the age at which Israelis would be eligible to receive a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 40.

The decision was made unanimously, in light of the evidence for the effectiveness of the vaccine against severe morbidity in people aged 50 and over who have received the booster shot.

Just a week ago, the committee recommended lowering the minimum age to receive the vaccine to 50. Two weeks ago the campaign to provide Israelis with a third vaccine dose with citizens over the age of 60.

In addition, the committee approved the administration of the booster shots to medical staff of all ages.

Channel 12 News published the results of a study from the Gartner Institute showing the effectiveness of the 3rd vaccine doses. According to the study, the level of protection against infection is 1.5 times higher six days after the booster shot, 2.1 times higher on the eighth day after the shot, over three times higher on the tenth day, over five times higher on the 12th day, and over six times higher on the 13th day.

The Health Ministry intends to begin providing booster shots to people over the age of 40 starting on Sunday.