Taliban forces patrol a street in Herat, Afghanistan
Taliban forces patrol a street in Herat, Afghanistan Reuters

The United States controls the NSA and many other intelligence agencies. This fact on its own makes it incomprehensible that the current US leadership had no clue about what was happening in Afghanistan. The rumors are that they wanted it to unfold in a certain way for a variety of reasons. But it’s more likely that they have over played their hand with this last move.

This recent event clearly seems to be part of an intentional plan to weaken the United States. Let’s look at the following recent problematic policy changes – Open borders, energy dependence, inflation, decimated military, defunding the police, population control, limits on flow of information, indoctrination in the schools, rewriting of history, racial unrest, gender confusion, selective implementation of laws, undermining US international standing, etc.

This overall situation forces a serious question: Can the United States be trusted under these circumstances?

Good people must wake up if they want to have a free and democratic republic in the United State or in any other free country across the globe!! Independence, freedom, and self-reliance are imperative to be able to run a stable country. Terrorists and their supporters should not be trusted, as they will break any promise or agreement when they feel strong enough to do so.

Therefore, people must understand that giving away national treasures – or even simple assets of value – will never appease unreliable operatives with malicious intentions!! Eventual durable peace and reconciliation will be possible only if a solid long-term education of mutual respect and recognition is implemented in all educational institutions and media outlets. In addition, terror infrastructures must be dismantled, and incitement and misinformation must be stopped.

Any negotiation should be done very carefully, including analyzing multiple probable and improbable variables, to prevent future regrets.

Dr. Shmuel Katz was born in Hungary, raised in Israel. served as an officer in the 6 Day War, gained extensive trauma experience during the Yom Kippur War, is double-boarded in Surgery, a Fellow of the Israeli Surgical Society and of the American College of Surgeons and other medical societies. He is on the board of many pro-Israel organizations.