BennettFlash 90

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett delivered a statement Wednesday evening on the increase in coronavirus morbidity in Israel and called for unvaccinated citizens to get vaccinated.

"I say clearly: if the citizens of Israel continue to be vaccinated on a large scale - we will be able to overcome the Delta variant. It is within our reach," Bennett said.

Referring to the campaign to provide third doses of the vaccine, he said, "We now know that the third dose not only protects us as the second dose does, but even gives us better protection. There is no room for two opinions here - there is science here. The facts are that vaccines save lives. More than a million Israelis have been vaccinated with the third dose, but many have not yet done so. I call on those who have not yet been fully vaccinated to do so immediately."

Addressing the possibility of another lockdown, Bennett said: "A lockdown is the last line of defense, to be used only when all other options have been exhausted. It is a very easy solution to implement, but it comes with a very severe long-term cost."

"Everything is being done so that you can continue to provide for your families with dignity, so that their restaurant does not go bankrupt and so that your children do not have to stare for 200 days in front of the Zoom screen. A lockdown is the simplest step for the government, but we are destroying the country's future by doing so."