Moshe Gafni
Moshe Gafni Noam Moskowitz, Knesset spokesperson

United Torah Judaism chairman MK Moshe Gafni sharply attacked Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and criticized his efforts to bring international aid to assist in extinguishing the fire in the Jerusalem hills.

"The fire is reminiscent of the ineptitude of Bennett, who did not seek international assistance at the beginning of the incident, in the same way that we know how to help the world," he said in an interview with the haredi radio station Kol Chai.

Gafni added that "it is possible that if he had asked, our situation could have been better today. The government does everything late."

On the possibility of a lockdown during the holidays, he said that "there is a question of whether the public will listen to the government's instructions in the event of a lockdown. Netanyahu is furious. He has already paid for the third vaccine, but Bennett simply did not bring them."

Gafni attacked the planned reforms related to kosher foods and conversion, saying, "The kosher and conversion reforms are being done deliberately and maliciously. We are not the only ones who want the state to be Jewish, the traditional public does as well. We may be able to stop them, for example, by talking to coalition MKs who are not fundamentally evil. If that happens, when we get back in power, we'll fix everything.”

Gafni sharply criticized the media and said, "Netanyahu was right when he attacked the media for years, but he was wrong when he did not let us legislate against the Supreme Court and the State Attorney's Office. Most of the judges and journalists are left-wing, the handling of Bennett and Sa'ar with kid gloves is meant to overthrow the right. The left is against tradition."

He was asked about the blatant style he uses when he speaks against the current government and said, "The things I say are moderate. I am not used to speaking in harsh language, but there is a declaration of rebellion here against God and his teachings. The traditionists are staying in touch with me and strengthening me, but there are also those who have asked me to tone it down. I am definitely working on toning it down."