Holocaust museum in Amsterdam
Holocaust museum in AmsterdamiStock

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society has launched a new initiative to build a high tech Holocaust education center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona that will feature interactive holograms of survivors.

Today Phoenix, with a population of over 1.6 million and a Jewish community of nearly 100,000, stands apart as one of the largest American cities without a Holocaust center.

The Arizona Jewish Historical Society hopes to remedy the situation and in a unique way making use of modern technology.

The planned center will be one of the few museums in the world to have special hologram technology exhibits, which will enable visitors to interact with holographic images of survivors, asking questions about their experiences, reported AZCentral.

The technology was featured on a 60 Minutes episode in 2020. On the news program, interviewer Leslie Stahl was seen speaking with a man named Aaron Elser who survived the Holocaust as a child hidden in a neighbor’s attic – except, it wasn’t Elser, who had passed away, but a lifelike hologram giving pre-recorded answered to Stahl’s questions.

Organizers said they need to raise around $15 million for the museum to come to life, and they are a long ways from their goal at this point.

The plans for the museum would involve adding an additional 17,000 square feet to the Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center that serves as a community museum in downtown Phoenix.