Violent rioting on the Gaza border
Violent rioting on the Gaza borderReuters

The Gaza terror organizations are planning a list of steps this week with the goal of pressuring Israel into caving to their demands and signing a long-term ceasefire agreement, Lebanon's Al Akhbar newspaper reported.

According to the Tuesday morning report, an announcement is expected regarding the "March of Rage" on the Gaza-Israel border over the weekend. The report added that there will also be a return of the incendiary balloons, burning tires, and the reactivation of the "nightly disturbance units" and clashes along the border.

The Qatari Al-Araby Al-Jadeed reported that the Cairo government is demanding that the Gaza terror groups avoid escalating the situation with Israel.

The report also said that Egypt promised to pressure Israel and speed up the implementation of its commitment to Gaza and to reach an agreement regarding a long-term ceasefire.

On Monday, the Islamic Jihad terror group fired a single rocket at Israel, in "revenge" for the elimination of terrorists involved in a shootout with the IDF.

Last week, Arab reports said that if negotiations with Israel continue to stall, the Gaza terror groups plan to renew the fighting which ended earlier this year in a temporary ceasefire agreement.