Taliban forces patrol a street in Herat, Afghanistan
Taliban forces patrol a street in Herat, Afghanistan Reuters

The spokesman for the Taliban's political office on Sunday night declared the war in Afghanistan as over.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Mubasher TV and quoted by Reuters, the spokesman, Mohammad Naeem, said that the type of rule and the form of regime in Afghanistan will be clear soon.

He stated that no diplomatic body or any of its headquarters was targeted, adding that the group assures everyone it will provide safety for citizens and diplomatic missions.

"We are ready to have a dialogue with all Afghan figures and will guarantee them the necessary protection," Naeem was quoted as having told the Qatar-based channel. He said the group takes every step responsibly and is keen on having peace with everyone.

The comments come hours after Taliban insurgents entered Kabul and President Ashraf Ghani left the country, saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed.

Naeem said of Ghani's escape that it wasn't taken into account and "even those close to him did not expect it."

"We have reached what we were seeking, which is the freedom of our country and the independence of our people," he continued.

"We will not allow anyone to use our lands to target anyone, and we do not want to harm others. We do not think that foreign forces will repeat their failed experience in Afghanistan once again," Naeem stated, adding the Taliban is ready to deal with the concerns of the international community through dialogue.