A cartoon published by Chinese state media depicting US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken using anti-Semitic stereotypes has been denounced as "despicable" and a "shameful display."

The caricature shows Blinken with devil horns, an oversized “Jewish nose” – both age old anti-Semitic tropes – wearing the American flag as a cape. He holds a COVID report in one hand and uses the other hand to clutch the shoulder of World Health Organization (WHO) director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu, controlling the other man.

The cartoon was part of a report by Chinese state-owned news agency Xinhua, which is considered a regime mouthpiece, detailing a meeting in late July between Blinken and the WHO in Kuwait.

“This anti-Semitic tweet from Chinese state media is despicable,” the American Jewish Committee wrote in a Twitter post.

"Xinhua's depiction of [Secretary Blinken], a Jew and stepson of a Holocaust survivor, utilizes overt tropes of anti-Semitism, including a large nose, devil horns, and accusations of global control. What a shameful display.”

They added that “throughout history, anti-Semites have used ‘Jewish features,’ like enlarged noses, in cartoons or propaganda to sway the public against the Jewish people.”

In May, the Israeli Embassy in Beijing denounced Chinese state broadcaster CGTN after one of its presenters said, “Some people think that the pro-Israel policy of the United States is linked to the influence of wealthy Jews in the United States and the Jewish lobby on US foreign policymakers.”

The host also added that in America, “Jews dominate the financial, media, and Internet industries.”