Haredi protest on Bar Ilan Street
Haredi protest on Bar Ilan StreetHezki Baruch

Two reporters have been violently attacked by security guards hired by the company building the Light Rail infrastructure along Bar Ilan Street in Jerusalem.

The two reporters – a journalist and a photographer – were covering a haredi protest against the construction for the Kikar Hashabbat media website when they were approached by security guards and attacked. At first, the photographer was targeted and the journalist began to film the violent incident, which included the photographer, Elisaf Cohen, being grabbed in a chokehold and thrown to the ground.

When the guards noticed that the journalist, Haim Goldberg, was filming the attack, they turned on him as well.

Footage from the incident shows a girl aged around six years standing just a few feet away from the violent attack.

One of the guards involved has been arrested and an investigation has been opened into the incident, which is not the first of its kind to have occurred in similar circumstances.

Responding to the reports, MK Itamar Ben Gvir said: “I have written to the Jerusalem District Commander demanding an investigation into the attack on a photographer who was simply doing his job. This is not the first time that photographers or demonstrators have been attacked. It is high time that police dealt forcefully with these criminals and demanded that they be held in detention until the conclusion of proceedings against them. Haredim are not the police’s punching bag.”