Yair Lapid
Yair LapidFlash 90

The Polish parliament on Wednesday evening approved the law restricting claims on Jewish property looted from Polish Jewry during the Holocaust.

The bill prevents the restitution of Jewish property, or compensation for it, to Holocaust survivors and their descendants. The proposed legislation, which will apply in retrospect, will make it almost impossible to appeal decisions made on the subject of stolen property more than 30 years ago.

The law would affect about 90 percent of restitution claims.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid attacked the move, saying, "The State of Israel will not compromise when it comes to commemoration of the Holocaust. I condemn the legislation of the Polish parliament that was passed today and which violates the memory of the Holocaust and the rights of its victims."

"As far back as 2018, I opposed the joint declaration that was adopted and is being re-examined these days. I will continue to oppose any attempt to rewrite history, and promote compromises and concessions at the expense of the Jewish people and Holocaust victims. Poland knows what is the right thing to do, repeal the law," he added.

Knesset Speaker MK Mickey Levy announced that he had decided not to establish the inter-parliamentary friendship group between Poland and Israel.

"The law restricting the property claims of Holocaust survivors is an outrageous robbery, which also harms the memory of the Holocaust. Poland's decision to follow this wrong path harms the relations between the two countries and the friendship that prevailed between them."

"In this situation, there is no room for a friendly group between the Knesset and the two houses of the Polish National Assembly, which regularly hold various activities to strengthen ties between the two countries. I call on the President of Poland not to sign this despicable bill," Levy said.