Ayman Odeh
Ayman OdehEliran Aharon

The Joint Arab List will not support the state budget in a vote, its chairman has promised.

In a Wednesday interview with Nas Radio, MK Ayman Odeh, who heads the party, said: "Write it down: No MK from the Joint Arab List will vote in favor of the budget. That is our final stance on the matter, and that is what will happen."

At the same time, Odeh refused to say if if they would oppose the budget, abstain from voting, or be absent from the vote, Israel Hayom added.

The site also noted that 61 MKs will need to support the budget in order for it to pass, instead of the simple majority required in other votes.

A senior Joint Arab List source told Israel Hayom that Odeh's statement was made in an attempt to funnel additional funds to the Arab sector, beyond what was promised them by the coalition.

According to the source, the party believes their demands will be met, and they will support the budget.

"Opposing the budget or abstaninig [from the vote] will only do good for [MK Benjamin] Netanyahu and the Right - and we don't want that," the source said.

Though the budget has been approved by the government, it requires approval in a Knesset vote in order to become law. If no budget is passed by November, the narrow 61-MK coalition will automatically dissolve and Israel will head to new elections.